The Porters
House Approach


First things first – what do you need from us? During our initial consultation, we will answer a few fundamental questions about your buying expectations and previous experiences:

  • Are you an investor, or are you buying a home for yourself?
  • What are you looking for in a property?
  • What hurdles have you faced, in the search for the perfect property?
  • Are you time-poor?
  • How much assistance do you require?

Our initial consultation is designed to ensure that we can work together successfully, to achieve your desired outcome. If you’re tired of missing out on the perfect property, or simply don’t know where to begin, our initial consultation will provide you with the assurance you’ve been looking for: Porters House will make the buying process easy.

Plan of

This detailed briefing process will outline your key objectives, our strategy and what you can expect when you engage with Porters House. We will ensure that our goals are aligned, and that you have complete insight into our plan of attack.

  • Which agents are you already engaged with?
  • How can we work together with them, for you?
  • Detailed property list of ‘must-haves’ and ‘negotiables’
  • What budget, timeframe and other factors are we working with?

We gather all the relevant information, and liaise directly with your lawyers, financiers and any additional third parties you’re working with. This step in the process allows us to get a ‘big picture’ perspective on your needs, and ensure that we’re ready to move forward without delay.

evaluation &

Evaluating the true value of a property, and inspecting the various reports involved simply mystifies some buyers. For the savviest of investors, this process is still time consuming and frustrating. Rest assured:

  • We will provide you with a comprehensive report on your chosen property
  • We use jargon-free language, to ensure that you have a full understanding

Are you sick of being shop-talked by real estate agents? Let Porters House remove the complexity and uncertainty from your property buying process.


Negotiating property prices is enough to turn the stomach of some buyers. Housing is one of the biggest investments you will ever make, so it’s no surprise that many people falter at this stage of the process. With many years of experience in buying and selling property, Cameron is a skilled and uniquely gifted negotiator. With an in-depth understanding of both buyer and seller motivations, he understands the property market from every angle. Tackling tricky negotiations each and every day, Porters House are able to remove the emotion from the process and ensure a level-headed and strategic approach to making an offer.

Exchange &

Even once your offer has been accepted by the vendor, there is room for error. Little do many buyers realise that, until the exchange is complete, your offer is still at risk of being thwarted by another buyer or by a change of heart. Acting as your advocate, we continue to:

  • Liaise with your solicitors, financiers and agents
  • Assist you to ensure the appropriate actions are taken by the vendors
  • Ensure that the property is received as expected
  • Attend your pre-settlement inspections and provide assistance where necessary
  • Help you to source reputable landlords, insurers and surveyors

At Porters House, we are with you throughout the entire process, to make sure you don’t fall at the final hurdle. Our experience means that we know what to expect, and we help you to cover all bases. We will make the exchange, and settlement process as smooth as possible for you.


From ‘on the lookout’ to settlement, Porters House are working with you, to ensure that your property purchase is a rewarding experience. We wish you every success with your new home or investment property. At Porters House, we’re not satisfied until you are. We tackle the property buying process for our clients just as we would for ourselves, that means:

We’re with you,
every step of the way.

Rather than love and leave you, once you’ve settled, we are happy to assist with any ongoing support that you require. It’s now time to pop the champagne and toast to your success! Congratulations!



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